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Hi Sons, I hope one persns opinion about how addictive Soma is won't prevent you from finding relief. Yes, there are docs that willl say the same thing about it being terribly addictive but you will also see docs that will tell you opiates are much more addictive than some muscle relaxer. Many believe all benzodiazapines are terribly addictive and won't prescribe them. It's just their opinion.

I've used Soma for 7 years, run out and had to wait 4 or 5 days to get it filled because I didn't have the money and had no insurance and didn't even find I had become physically dependent and felt no withdrawal symptoms. Unlike Benzo's and opiates I haven't become tolerant or needed an increase or even thought about it.

I also have heard of people abusing it and taking 4 or 5 at a time which induces a drunken like stupor. I have also heard about High school kids taking 3 boxes of cold medecine at a time. Unfortunately any drug can be abused but there are drugs that will absolutely cause physical dependnece which is just a consequence of it's use but still a price to consider.

IMO The real contraversy is because either they don't know the exact mechanism of action, but many drugs work and they can't explain the mechanism of action. The other area of misinformation comes from misinterpretation of Aldous Huxley description of a psychoactive substance called Soma in the book "a Brave New World."

There was a whole thread on the subject because someones doc said it was a terrible drug and therfore it had to be a fact rather than his opinion. Any drug can be abused and saying Soma is terrribly addictive is no different than saying opiates are terribly addictive, they can be in the hands of the wrong person with the wrong expctations.

Statistically hydrocodone is the most abused med. Probably because the 10 mg tabs are the strongest opiate before a doc has to write a prescription for a class 11 med that has an entirely different set of laws regarding the prescribing of meds like morphine, oxycodone,fentanyl, methadone and amphetmaines. These are drugs the DEA decided are the drugs with the highest potenial for abuse/addiction or missuse and diversion.

Your reaction to Skelaxin sounds more like allergies so I would definitely avoid it and report your symptoms on monday. As far as the rest of the meds, It is trial and error like you said. Hopefully he's willing to work with you and realizes everyone responds differently to meds and has different needs. Celebrex is a risky if you have heart problems or cardiovascular disease. Unless you still have inflamation from an injury, it's use is questionable.

Using antidepressants and antiseizure meds is also very common to treat chronic pain and nerve pain and some docs prescribe it for all pain. You still have lots of meds to go. Although stronger and longer lasting pain meds gaurentee some relief to 90% of the population. Their use has a price and not every doc has the opinion that physical dependency outweighs the benefit. That's a whole other thread right now where money has been blamed as the culprit for poor pain control.
Good luck with yours, Dave