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I've been taking Oxy IR about 40mg daily and Lyrica. They don't perscribe any meds on the first visit. I have to get a letter from the doc who normally perscribes my meds requesting that the new PM doc take over my medication treatment plan. I have to take a blood and urine drug test so they can get my baseline serum levels. I have to meet with the psychologist and have an evaluation. I have to go to a clinic sponsored orientation on medication managment. They have to evaluate my perscription history through the pharmacies I've used. Lastly I have to sign an Opiod treatment plan contract. All this takes 2-4 weeks then they will put me in the medication program. Until then the PM doc called my previous doc and asked her to continue perscribing me until I go through all the hoops.

However, he did say that he would put me on a long acting and a breakthru med. He said that he favors Duragesic, Morphine, and Methadone but we'll see.