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Quote from Kissa:
I'm glad you brought up the Activa Tina, I was considering trying it as I have very severe IBS and Colitis. Ironically the pain meds are the only thing stopping the chronic diahreah that I have from it, but of course the meds do constipate me.

That's one of the reasons I love my Morphine! I'm also lactose intolerant and can now eat a 'normal' serving of ice cream and not worry about spening the next day with cramps and diahrea.

If I do skip taking my fiber for a few days (I forget) and get constipated, I'll have to push and push hard. The next day I always notice blood after wiping :o It usually goes away and isn't a big concern. I should add that I've always had some bleeding and am sure it's caused by a tear. When I was younger, a friend used to tease me and say that I would get an "anal tear" and my butt would split :eek: !