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Hey Curious,

I don't know your exact story, sorry.... But from what you just posted, I have a little idea.

I actually just responded to a post about requesting meds. In that post many of us mentioned Narcotics as being one of the "Alarm" requests. However, like I said there, we live in an information age now. So researching a med or anything for that matter is not uncommon.

Does your Dr know you are taking 10 Percs a day? You may want to just bring up a long term med without being specific. That way he can take the credit of getting you on the right med. Of course this is just a suggestion

You're getting a pretty good dose of Tylenol a day, and if you were on OxyContin, or an LA Morphine, or Duragesic, you could reduce your Percs for BT pain. Hopefully the Dr would see that and suggest something.

With a new PM, you do need to be cautious. It all about trust and building the relationship. You may just want to approach it as asking questions instead of making any suggestions. This way it put the doctor in the answer mode and having him give his advice and you in the patient question made.

Since you are dealing with narcotics (I assume is what you are requesting), I just would recommend being a little cautious so that the doctor doesn't think your seeking drugs.

Let us know how it turns out for you. Hope everything goes well. Take Care