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I went to the emergency room last night with some really horrific symptoms. I felt SIIIICK and dizzy and weird. My heart was pounding and I had a screaming headache. I have hyperthyroidism and my heart felt like it was going to rocket out of my chest.

I don't have health insurance.

I was admitted into the ER and waited and waited and waited to be seen. When the doctor came in, I was in the throes of another spasm in my stomach and had trouble even answering him. I vaguely remember him saying something about fluids and something for the pain.

The 'something' turned out to be morphine. I was also given anti-nausea medication, medication to control the spasms, and one other thing I can't even recall.

The medication kicked in almost instantly and itcompletely knocked me out. Two hours later, the nurse returned with discharge papers. I was completely OUT of it. I could barely walk and I was dumped onto streets that had no buses running, and no available cab.

I still can't focus properly. My fingers are skipping on the keys, and now I feel really sick and weird and horrible and I also feel doped.

I do not understand how I could be tossed onto the street with this cocktail in my system. All this doctor did was mask my symptoms - and then declare me stable because I was so stoned I could not feel the nausea, or the cramps .