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Thank you for your reply. My mother in law, I feel and I am sure she feels it as well, that she has been sent home and that's it. Cope with the pain and wait for the dr. who has gone on holiday to come back in two weeks. Apparently the nurse came today to connect her to an infusion and change the morphine patch. The cancer has spread from the windpipe to the stomach and liver, she has lost more than 25 kilos in 2 months and is not eating and drinking. Does this mean she will stay at home and the nurse will come daily? I don't really want to start asking my husband and mother in law all these questions as it is very hard as it is to talk about it with them. Until now there was a social worker at the hospital but not at home, the other thing is that my mother in law's husband is an alcoholic and they have a mentally disabled boy at home who they haven't told yet that the cancer has come back, he is 27 years old but with a mentality of an 8 yr old. I am trying to keep my distance but then again I feel I should step in and try to control or put the picture into reality, but why should I if the daughter and other son are at home also, i am confused to how much I should intervine? My heart tells me to take a back seat for a while. But the situation will only worsen, the daugther lives abroad and is here for 2weeks only.
Thanks for listening, it helps a lot.

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I watched my mom fade away from sept 05*march 06 it was not easy but i would do it again if i had to to know that no one can take that away from my knowing the pleasure that mom went to be with the lord and she is in peace is your mom in law under that care of hospice they are a great help they do come in to help the family from respite care to bathing help talk to her dr and see if you cant get that started you dont have to be dying from cancer to have the hospice care as long as the patient is terminal you are qualified i couldn't have done it without my hospice nurses and care tem they also have a social worker that comes out weekly to see how the family is doing and to talk to you about anything please get this service if yoiu dont already have it