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I am writing an update and in hope for answers which I know, if this sounds normal.

As you may remember my story of my mother in law with cancer and is at home etc etc, The morphine patches of 150mg in total and Morphine Immediate Release tablets of 3-4 a day are slowly loosing their effect and this Thursday she is having a PEG procedure.

I have done my homework on this subject but when you see the facts and answers written in black and white it still doesn't prepare you for the worse to come or rather death. I became sort of obsessed with internet searching for answers and yet the answers I alsready have, it's time we don't have or don't know how much time. Sorry for rambling on. I beleive our time is near and it's actually at the moment the quiet before the storm sort of thing, one thing I have learnt though is to take each day as it comes and sometimes when there are very bad days I take each hour as it comes. I have my two young children to look after and so this keeps me busy. My mum comes to stay with me in August so I am looking forward to that, she will also help me a great deal, I am counting the days. My gran died of breast cancer when my mum was 32yr old also so she understands what we are going through, my mum is everything to me and it's sad you only realize it when you get older! It's a shame we don't realize it when we are horrible teenagers!

Thanks for reading.