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I have been on Avinza 230 days. I am at 180mg a day and it cuts most of the pain. I did not feel anything when I went from 120 to 180mg. Except the pain was decreased quite a bit. I think I started at 60mg a day. We tried Fentanyl and oxycontin, then Avinza. Overall Avinza has been real good. My PM&R dr. has a theory for pain treatment. It is interesting to hear, but you may not be interested.

I itch a LOT. I just applied Fluocinonide Cream USP, .05% to relieve the itch. It helps. It is not as bad as poison ivy.

DO NOT TAKE MYLANTA OR ANY MED FOR ACID REFLUX, ETC WITHOUT ASKING YOUR DOCTOR. This type of med "binds" the morphine and can keep it from working as well.

You may lose your appetite for regular food, but feel a craving for processed sugar.

I found that after around 15 hours the avinza is out of me. A blood test proved that. Some people feel Avinza is NOT a 24 hour med, but more like a 12 hour relief med.

As you can imagine, you may have problems focusing on things.

My copay is $9...but I know the med is expensive. IF YOU HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR STATE, take plenty of avinza with you. Many states will NOT fill an out of state class II med. Walgreens will not. I know from experience. I did not need them, but with a prescription at a Walgreens in Calif, I asked the walgreens in Washington if they would fill the prescription written in Calif. they said NO for Class II, but filled my prednisone prescription.

Originally I could not swallow when laying down if I took 90mg of avinza. Each person is diifferent. IF you have a swallowing problem, treat it seriously due to the possibility of pnuemonia...aspirational I think it is. Sorry, it is late and I am not functioning too well. (Yeah, I have my 180mg in me).

I take mine 90 and 90, so I may never hit as high as 150mg in me. I am MUCH happier with the 90 plus 90 dosage. I was in bad pain before.

Good luck with it. I hope it goes smooth for you and if you have any other questions...remember, what happens to me may not happen to you. I am anal, but I downloaded a log and keep track of every opioid I have ever taken, the time I took it, dosage and so on. THAT is important if you miss a dosage and are close to "withdrawals". My dr. explained withdrawals for ME and if you want a real simple explanation..I can write it out. My apologies if this is way too long for you, but I knew nothing when I came into this Avinza and admit I am scared of opioids. I have a healthy respect for them.

Also, I bought a cheap safe to keep my opioids in. My grandson is 4 and it would just about kill me if he got into these meds.

Best wishes and if you have a loved one to monitor you, let them. My wife is great at that.