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I am a newbie to this site but have already posted on the pain management board but maybe I should have started here. I have been treated now for 6 months and 7 doctors later...not one doctor has ever heard of this before. I have no cartilage between my pubic bones. There should be about 3/4 of an inch of cartilage there, because of this I am in constant pain because the two pubic bones 'knock' together. I am 44 , have 3 kids and worked at the same job for 20 years (had to quit in Jan because of this problem)I had successful spinal fusion in 2000. I am now on Ultrum , muscles relaxers and ambiam to sleep and now the doctor wants to put me on morphine. I am in constant pain and sitting standing and walking all worsen the pain. Sleeping any position is impossible because the pubic bones 'knock' together so I must take ambiam. I was just curious if any one has ever heard of anyone with this disorder I am just so desparate to find help.