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Hi everyone, guess you know I'm new to this because I don't know where to begin. I guess from the start would be a good place :) .At 42 I had a very bad heart attack, then another at 43 and went into congestive heart failure and as if that wasn't bad enough I had another light heart attack at 46, I'm now 48 and also have fibroid tumors one about the size of a grapefruit which is pressing on my spine and rectum. Dr would not operate at that time because of my heart so he put me on pain meds. well you know where that lead ,started with loratabs 7.5 @ 4 aday that lasted a year then he put me on percodan 4 aday but they made me sick so he started me on morphine 15mg 4 to 5 times aday plus also gave me xanax to stop my aniexty.Well enough was enough after 6 months on morphine I went " cold turkey " thought I would die. Been off now for 2 months and now they say I have cervical cancer and need an operation. I can't do pain meds and withdrawal again. My heart could not take it !!!!!! does anyone have any suggestions about this? I heard they could use an epidural to numb the pain since they can't use general anesthia to put me to sleep anyway ..... Please help if you know anything I'm alone since son is in Iraq and I'm really scared....Thanks