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Hi all:)

I have an appt w/a new PM doc tomorrow.

They told me to bring any radiology stuff & whatnot with me. Among the MANY probs I have w/my current doc is the fact that in the 2 1/2 yrs I've been going to him he's NEVER done any radiology OR bloodwork. NONE.

He's never had my blood drawn, not even to check liver function,etc. I thought they were supposed to do that on a regular basis. I've asked him repeatedly (every visit) about this. I'm a little paranoid about taking something w/acetaminophen in it for so long.

I had an allergic reaction to a med he put me on & he still didn't draw blood. My hubby mentioned it to a field surgeon (Nat'l Guard) that he knows & the guy looked dumbfounded.

My current doc also is very antagonistic towards me. During one visit when he asked me how bad the pain is, what makes it better/worse,etc,I told him the road trips we had to take at the time were excruciating. He said to quit taking them & acted offended when I told him I had to at the time, but would be stopping soon (My mother had ALS & this was about 3 months before she passed away. We have a 12 yr old who was very attached to her "Nana" & needed to be able to see her).

One visit he asked about the level of pain & when I started talking about it & describing it, he told me I was a very negative person. HE ASKED! What am I supposed to do? Tell him everything is hunky dory & that I don't have a problem? That's the whole reason I go to him! Putting on makeup doesn't make the pain go away. I figured a PM doc would know that.

BTW, I truly am not a negative person despite how disgusted I am with this doc. It is my nature to deal with bad things with humor. I guess I just lost my sense of humor where this guy is concerned.

During the next visit, he commented on how large my daughter is. I said I know, but he went on & on about her weight. The more upset I got, the more he talked about it. I found it disgusting, & also wondered what he thought that had to do with my visit with him.

He seems truly perturbed at me when I recognize what a medicine or a procedure is. I feel like I have to "dumb myself down" for him, otherwise he does his best to make me feel like an idiot.

He makes these comments & it never fails, he looks at my husband with a smirk on his face as though they're two 10 yr olds who've just shared an inside joke about someone. My husband is disgusted by it & can't imagine how the man still has a practice if he treats everyone this way. Unfortunately, he's the only PM doc in this quadrant of our state. I'm having to go 2 1/2 hrs away to see this new doc.

There are a multitude of other instances, but I think you can get an idea of what this person is like.

My question is this...

Are most PM docs like this? This is the only one I've seen.

After 8 surgeries on the same area, I pretty much know that morphine doesn't do squat for me & Demerol doesn't take the pain away at all, but it does make me too busy talking to inanimate objects to discuss it (My sister caught me having a conversation with my wall clock).

I thought I was supposed to be able to tell a doctor about things like this without being ridiculed. Things already learned through trial & error so that time wasn't wasted doing it all over again.

Am I wrong? Or do docs actually want patients who are complete idiots & have no ability to retain information?

I also don't know how much of my experience with the old doc I'm supposed to discuss with the new doc. I don't want to seem like I'm some ogre looking to destroy someone, but I also want them to know that I don't think the level of "care"(& I use the term loosely) I've been getting is appropriate.

I guess I just want someone to finally do what they're being paid to do, to use their knowledge they've gained through yrs of practice & training to help me instead of making me feel like it's my fault that I hurt, or that I secretly want to hurt.....As though I hurt because I didn't put on enough makeup & if I'd just gone to the trouble to put a little more on, it might have helped. If only that were all I had to do to get relief! I'd sit & play dress up all day if that were the case!