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I hope we can come up with something. This meeting tomorrow is with his .... well...NPA? The assistant is pretty sharp. I am hoping he has some new ideas.

Last time I was in he asked me if I didn't need any meds. I told him no, I was fine. I really think the pharmacy must have miscounted. I got a 3 month supply in late May ---early June. I still have about a 40 day supply at 6 a day. And the prescription was for "4 a day and 90 days". I did not complain. Just took the meds and figured if I ran low, these extra ones would help out.

I sort of figure I should always have a couple of weeks extra meds if I can.
Maybe not, but I fear withdrawals.

Bottom line is still....what should I get to replace demerol? I have some fentanyl Lollipops that act real fast, but tend to make me ill. PLUS...with my legs broke out in a rash...we may find I am allergic to large doses of morphine.

Lezlee...thanks for the encouragement. My left hand just gave up...time for thr carpal tunnel brace...thanks again ...Dave