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Thanks for the ideas, Zoey and Marcia! Looks like Mindy is joining Slippery and I in the edema club! I have been checked for diabetes, as it runs in my family, and it has always been negative. I do tend towards high blood pressure, but it is mostly related to the pain, When my pain becomes really acute, it is not unusual for my BP to be in the 190/120 range, usually they have to give me morphine and 20 minutes later it will be 125/70 again. I have mentioned the edema to the doctor, but it has gotten much worse since I saw her last, and at the time she felt it was the heat and restricted salt in my diet. But I notice if I don't need to take pain meds for a few days, the swelling goes completely away. very wierd! Thanks and I will keep checking to see if anyone knows why, If I find anything on my own I will post it for Mindy and Slippery. Hugs, Fabby :wave: