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I have more than lower back/hip pain. I would think we all have certain kinds of pain or we would not be on this forum.

I am on Avinza and Demerol for the BT pain. My PM&R doctor has worked with me for about 8 months, determining which meds work best and the best quantity to use. I am not sure how to say it. Do our meds "protect" us from the pain?

Is pain cumulative? If I may attempt to quantify pain by saying we have zero to one hundred. On a normal day lets assign my pain a figure of 60. But I have carpal tunnel in both hands. It does not always cause pain. Monday it did. It hurt a surprising amount. How can this be? I used to take Tylenol to handle this pain, and now I am taking morphine and demerol. How can such a minor pain "register" on my pain meter?

If I am not making sense, I apologize. I am trying very hard to understand how pain works in my body. This is why I am theorizing it is cumulative.
Say my back pain is 50, my hip is 5 and my ear ache is a five.

I have a "pain meter reading" of 60. The meds my PM&R doctor have assigned me are "handling" the 60. Now I have Carpal Tunnel too? It is about a 5. So I guess I need a little more of my Avinza, or Demerol?

I am already on morphine!! If Tylenol was used to "mask" this pain in the past, how can I feel it "right thru" the morphine? Morphine is stronger than tylenol isn't it? Or is it stronger in a different way?

Do we have pain relief for one part of our body that does not work in another part of our body? Striated muscles versus smooth muscles? Side by side but different? I really don't know the answer to my question, but we have some very smart people on this forum. I hope they will help me figure this out.

Some of us are on very powerful pain relievers, how can stubbing your toe or
carpal tunnel pierce this narcotic's level of pain protection?

How DOES pain work?
Do you think the carpal goes thru the morphine cause it's nerve pain? Narcotics help some with nerve pain - but not alot. Matter of fact percocet helped me more with my pain than morphine...
Sorry to hear things seem to be getting more difficult for you.

As far as the CTS goes morphine or any type of narcotic will not do much for it. I have bilateral carpal tunnel and have had it sheesh for 20 years now. The key is to actually avoid the things that cause the imflamation because CTS is swelling of the lining that holds your tendons etc in your wrist.

Because it is imflamation based then ice is your best friend as well as anti-imflamatories. If you are doing anything that is repetative then of course you'll have a flare up. Don't expect the morphine to stop that pain, chances are, it wont. See a hand specialist if it continues.

As mentioned, Tylenol is not just a pain reliever it is also an anti-imflamatory which is why it actually used to work.

I am having a hip revision surgery on Wednesday the first thing my PM told me was that I need to be on Motrin in addition to the Morphine because the swelling will actually cause more pain than the cut or dislocations themselves. So basically I've been ordered to take it every 4 or so hours.

Based on my past surgeries I can honestly say that anti-imflamatories have often done more for me than pain medication. Again it goes back to the idea that swelling can often produce such a great pain that narcotics will do little to relieve it.

There are obviously different types of pain and not any one medication will treat them all. Nerve pain is best treated by nerve medication, muscle spams best treated by a muscle relaxent. Before you rush to have an increase in your medications it's best to understand what type of pain you are actually having and treat that because again, if it's swelling, nerve pain or otherwise an increase in medications will fail you miserably.

Most individuals who see a PM take several types of medications, most commonly individuals take something for pain, muscle spasms and nerve pain. Personally I take medication for pain and spasms but nothing for nerve pain as I don't really have problems with my nerves. Should I develop nerve problems I know how to accurately describe it to the doctor so that the appropriate type of medication will be used as opposed to just an increase in medications.

Additionally I still think you'd benefit from an actual pain management class where you can learn how to cope with pain when it comes out of nowhere.

Good luck
Sorry I haven't answered you. There is some real good info in here, but I have my kids/grandkids here for my 61st birthday, been hectic.

Kissa, thank you mam, I appreciate your info on the "how to" and what not to do to cause it.

Dogmom22---I had forgot, but there are different kinds of pain. Nerves, muscles and so on. Combining your comments with CuriousForever....some meds for nerves and some for muscles. Then I say...wait a minute, my lower back has some major nerves in it...hmmmm.

I had never heard that once your body has a pain for a period of time, it may
still "hurt", even after it has been fixed.

As for opiates making the pain go away vs me not caring....I honestly don't know what morphine does..specifically. I thought it was to relieve the pain,
and maybe valium would make me "not care"???

Dogmom22 reminded me of the "gateways" we have. But I promise you the CT pain was getting its two cents worth in the pain centers.

Shoreline....my numbers were mostly ....uh..."What if" numbers...I read your post several times and I must have done a poor job of writing my comments.

I did NOT go from 80 to 50 in the pain relief. That was a poorly written example on my part. This is one of the times I wish we had PM or email.
When I first read your post, I thought you were saying it sounded one way, then I asked my wife and she read your post as meaning something else. But
I do value your inputs and apologize for the poorly written scenario.

More later...kids just arrived...
Hi Barb,
I slept with the right hand in a brace and it got better, but somehow, with two sets of "soft" braces, I have misplaced both left handed ones, so I snagged a good one from my doctor's office. My cheaper, velcro type did not have a good metal brace like my new one does. I expect improvement, but at night I have sleep apnea, so I wear a mask. If the Apnea is giving me a problem I can't wear the wrist braces.

I do have a track ball and ergonomic keyboards. I got them in 1995. In fact,
I was in business for myself and bought a notebook with a REAL ergo keyboard. GREAT little notebook. Way ahead of its time, but a speed of 120
just didn't hack it. I finally gave it to a grandkid.

I wish they had braces with leather on the outside so I could drive with them.

Many years ago, about 20 years, I was living on 800mg motrin. Finally they said something about liver damage or something, so they took me off. I don't think I have had a motrin since you were two years old.
My PM&R dr. wants my family doc to do a complete physical, so I will make sure the family doc. checks my liver, etc.

Hyper pain? Interesting. I will look for that. Usually, when my CT acts up, it hurts bad enough I get the braces out. On our last vacation up north to stay with friends, my CT braces was about the #3 thing on my list.

Speaking of motrin, I am having more stomach problems. That means more mylanta. Which means the morphine gets messed up...uh...binds so that it
does not work. Or does not work well. BUT I can have Acid Reflux or my pain meds.

Thanks again, I will look for it.....Dave