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Hey Alan, I'm glad the new patch seems to be working better, I remeber when it was being developed and if I'm not mistaken the delievery sytem is completely different as you described, Mylan teamed up with a manufacturer that specializes in TRansdermal delivery of birth control, hormones and other meds and decided to use this technology rather than the easily abusable resevoir system. Yes there are follks dumb enough to cut open the resovoir and squeeze 3 days worth of fentanyl, directly into their mouth.

I'm still running across the same info that say 100ugh patch is equal to 300-400 mgs of oral morphine. It's a shame your doc won't give an equal dose of morphine a chance and prefers to keep you dosing every 4 hours when you have a 3 day patch on. One of the goals of PM is to stop the inherent clockwatching and living a life in 4 hour incremenets.

Good luck, Dave