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Hi Mark: I wouldn't be too worried about the liver. You can take 4,000 mg of Tylenol in a 24 hour period and be ok. The only thing they say, is if you're taking them long term, it's better if you can keep the daily dose at 2,800 mgs. daily.

As far as LA meds for CP, the answer to your question is yes. They are much eaasier on the body, because they don't contain Tylenol. The logical change for you would be Oxycontin or some form of Morphine. Neither have anything that will harm you. Supposedly Oxy is marketed for every 12 hours, but almost all CP patients that are on it, find it's only holding their pain for about eight hours, requiring taking it three times a day.

There are many options out there to take for CP. Talk it over with your doctor.