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The FDA put out a bulletin of the Duragesic. It has killed people. My guess is the doctor did not know what he/she was doing. My family doctor put me on Fentanyl pain patch and Percocet. About 24 hours later I threw up so hard I broke all the blood vessels in my face and bruised the roof of my mouth.

I went to a PM&R doctor after that.

Read how the Russians used Fentanyl gas to take their school back from the terrorists a few years ago. The Fentanyl gas killed most of the hostages...
something like 127 out of 129...those numbers are probably not correct, but not far off. Fentanyl can kill you if used incorrectly. The PM&R dr. gave me Lollipops, a Fentanyl pain device. I didn't throw up, as I had been on morphine for some time, but Fentanyl still makes me nauseated. I am probably an exception to the rule, but JUST BE AWARE of the potential problems. I had not found this website back then or I would have known better.

Good luck....you are already ahead of me at the same stage, I just trusted my family doctor and took the meds.........