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I started Methadone yesterday. I'm taking 10mg. 3xs daily. I hope it works out since its much cheaper than Avinza. Or the Fentanyl patches I was on, too. The morphine is such wicked stuff- I missed several days of work. Just trying to adjust was so awful I hope this Methadone doesn't have the same effect.
What really sucks is that the morphine was $175.00 for a script and the Methadone is just under $5.00. Go figure?! How can it be that cheap? Now I feel like a druggy. But this can't be helped, due to my original ortho doctor screwing up 3 surgeries and with me having staph infection and double pneumonia on top of it all. Oh no, I can't sue-but he can live in his brand new house that I helped him build and I have to be in pain the rest of my life.
At the age of 40, right now.
But on other note-"With God, Alll things are Possible".

Hi Everybody,
Docs start everybody low and titrate up with Methadone. It can be an unpredictable drug and everyone reacts differently on it. Just because you were on Morphine and Fentenyl patches prior doesn't really matter when it comes to the starting dose. I was on Oxycontin, 480 mg a day, and Fentenyl, 100 mcg every 48 hours, when I was started on Methadone. I think I started at 10 mg TID also. Today, after titrating up, I'm at 180 mg a day.

I was lucky, I had almost zero side effects from it and it is probably the best painkiller I have ever been on. I've been on quite a few over the years. It is especially good for nerve pain, and the only thing you really have to be careful about is driving, especially at first. You will find yourself getting drowsy, especially on long drives. To this day, and I've been on Meth about three and a half years, I still get drowsy driving (long distances), watching TV and reading. Almost any non-active type activity will bring on the nods. You really have to be careful, as they can "sneak" up on you, and at first you don't realize it's happening.

Anyway, cna02, good luck with the Meth. It really is a good painkiller and all the time I've been on it, I haven't had any BT meds.