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Hi Charlie, Dilauadid "hydromorphone" is in the same family of synthetic opiates as Hydrocodone, oxycodone and oxymorphone. As far as being like something else you tried, it's probably closest to oxycodone. In fact about 20% of oxyCodone is metabolized into hydromorphone. Comon side efects are urinary retention "inability to start flow and empty bladder", constipation, nausea,and flushing.

All opiates are relative in strength to what you have previously taken. Hydromorphone is 3-7 times stronger than morphine but that's why it's not available in large mg pills. The largest is the 8mg pill which would be comparable to 30-45 mgs of oxycodone, or 45-60mgs of morphine.

Personally I think it's similar to oxy in that tolerance can develop rapidly if you use the max amount your prescribed every day for BT pain. Even though a doc may allow us 2, 4, or 8 doses per day, he doesn't expect us to take it whether we need it or not. If you take the same dose every day at the same schedule it just becomes part of your daily regemin, when you do have a flair up or increase in pain, BT meds are no more efective than every other day someone takes the max amount when they aren't having a flair. This is likely where people really go wrong with BT meds.

As far as a pain med, the route of delivery makes a big difference. If I ever had surgery and needed IV meds controled with a PCA machine, I would choose dilaudid over any other med. I have dilaudid in my pump which works as well as anything. But when it comes to BT meds or taking it orally, I was very unimpressed with it's duration and how quicklty tolerance grew. Duration is partly due to a shoter half life than other meds, However continous infusion takes half life out of the equation.

Dilaudid does have a long history of IV drug absue. It's the preferred opiate of IV opiate users due to ease of converting it into injectable material. Be careful who knows what you have in your house. You not only have a drug very desirable among abusers, but among IV abusers attracting an even more dangerosus group of addicts looking to prevent withdrawal because they need that next injection, just like heroin.

When OxyContin was in the headlines because of pockets of abuse the media set the street price by reporting it was selling for a dollar a mg,. Dilaudid has been around long enough to have a well established street price of 10 bucks a mg in every major city in ther US, not just pockets of abuse. I was watching a show about addiction the other day and the addict actually said he switched from oxy to heroin because he couldn't aford the outragous price of oxy and it's nowhere near as potent as pure heroin. But with heroin you never know what you getting. Just be very discreet so you don't become a victim of crime yourself.

You have to remeber this is just my opinion of the effetiveness of oral dilaudid, everyone has an opinion so what works for one doesn't always work for another.

Good luck, Dave