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I hope anyways. I have been away cause honestly trying to find the right dosage of these meds has made me sicker I think. Now, I think we are on the right path. In the duration of that I found out I am very allergic to Trazadone it causes my feet to swell to 3 times there size meaning I cant walk on them at all. I was really having nauseating episodes from the Morphine but the Dr said that is common in the beginning and to wait it out a bit. I t is getting better I am now at 30mgs of the MS Contin 3x daily instead of the 15mgs only twice (no help) So that is better. When we went in the Dr said she was keeping me on the percs for breakthough up to 4 a day I was relieved and she asked why and I told her I was told once we got to the correct dose there would be no more BT meds. She was shocked the nurse told me that. She said no way, even if it ended up being only 2 a day on the days you need them you should have them other wise we will be seeing you all the time untill things get better.

PT is still very painful and the BR is on the books. That should help the back pain out emmensly. Or I hope it does. I went to the pharmacy and got the these MUST last the whole month thing. I told them I knew but that this was my FIRST monthly RX. They kinda acted weird towards me over the PM Contract. Oh well.

I am moving about a little better still part time at work and pleased with where I am at at the moment with both the meds an the Dr's, Funny my hubby said if he didnt know what I was taking he would never know.I told him yeah thats because there is a reason I am taking it so it has something to work on in there!! As for family I elected not to tell them. I dont want the drama and late night calls like I read others are getting.

Thank you for the support this board is amazing. For everyone I hope for a little less pain for you everyday !!