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Hi Threewinged: Sorry that your husband spends all of his time concentrating on his problems and knee pain. It sounds like his whole world revolves around his knee.

I am a little surprised that he was given disability at his age. I've posted and read on the Disabilities Board about something like 98% of young people who apply for SSD are turned down on their first attempt. As I posted sometime ago, I think a lot of it is age. The older you are, the better chance you have of being approved. I was 58 when I applied and was approved on the first try. It took a little less than six months. I most likely will not go back to any kind of work. I will be between 63 and 65 when I am suppose to have a hearing. They had told me it would be 5-7 years.

As far as medications, most docs shy away from people your husbands age and will not treat them with heavy duty narcotics. I had never received anything stronger than Percoset for pain when younger, except when I was hospitalized. If he can make the switch to Methadone, it will most likely work well for him. I was glad to hear what you said about him taking his meds as directed. A lot of people don't realize how potent Methadone is. I think it's one of the stronger drugs used in treatment of CP patients. It's one and a half times stronger than Morphine. You have to be careful when taking Meth to follow the directions of the doctor. I do have to say, in your husband's defense (speaking from my own situation with CP) when you have pain problems that you have 24 hours a day, every day, it's difficult to think of anything but the source of that pain.

Best of luck to you and your husband. I hope if he is on Methadone, maybe he can expand his horizons in your marriage a little further than his knee!
I don't know what kind of rules this clinic has where your husband sees the doctor, but for her to get approval for Fentanyl, she should be able to put him or get approval for Methadone. Fentanyl is the strongest med out there, that's why it's measured in micrograms and all other meds are milligrams.

Does you husband have a primary care doctor? That's who is handling my meds for me. I think the nearest true Pain Clinic is about 100 miles away. I did go there a couple years ago and was interviewed and examined. Their suggestion was to have a pump put in and go to Morphine or Fentanyl. They are keeping my records on file, but right now, I'm not ready to go to the pump yet. Methadone is doing the job for me. If your husband does have a PCP, like I do, maybe he/she could take over his meds. It just seems unreal that the only source of Methadone is this clinic for Dopeheads you went to today. There has to be another way for you, besides travelling to another town to get into a PM clinic or doctor.

I guess if there aren't any other options for you and this doctor who has been writing scripts for his Fentanyl can't write for Methadone (even though it's not as strong), you can always ask her for a bump up to 50 mics. I understand his age is working against him, but why don't you see about finding a doctor there that would be willing to take his case and prescribe for him.
well hes trying to use it for pain, and also to help him get off of pain meds - i know im probably not making sense, but he really wants to stop his meds period, but cant, and I thought this might help because it does help with pain, but it also helps taper people off of opiates

he sees a therapist at our mental health clinic every week along with his psychiatrist monthly

his pain management doctor told us that no one under the age of 40 at their practice was allowed to be on fentanyl or morphine unless the board of directors made a special case, and no one under 30 could be on any opiates at all - which is why it was so surprising that they put my husband on these meds

theres no one in town who will see him for his pain meds and with his psych issues, so thats why we see only the pain specialist and his psychiatrist - weve had a lot of problems with doctors/pa's calling my husband a drug addict and a narcotic seeker because of his age, and he would always be referred to the pain clinic, which took forever to get in

sorry if im confusing people