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Hi Hope:wave:
Your shaving test is probably a good way to gage your progress - actually it's a great idea:D I know that this is a painful movement because even though I don't shave my face (I'm a woman, so thankfully I don't have this problem:p ), but it's a similar movement to washing your face and this is a very painful task for me.

It took me several months to get to my final dosage after I had the pump implanted. They have to do the increases very slowly, so you've got a long way to go in this process. Hang in there though - once they get the dose where it needs to be you'll only have to go once a month or once every two months depending on your pump. I am confused by what you said in your post of "I have overstated my pain relief to everyone now...more in anticipation of an increase in relief with each increase in dosage." I'm not sure who you've overstated your pain relief to, but please be very honest with your doctor (and yourself) about what pain relief you are getting. You're only a couple of weeks into this and it's going to take time to get where you need to be. If I misunderstood what you meant, I apologize.;) Also, discuss the side effects you are having with your doctor if you are concerned about them. Unless they are serious side effects (decreased breathing, fainting, etc.) most people will get used to the medication and the sleepiness will subside. It's been years since I got a good night's sleep so I wish I had the sleepiness you are having:D

As far as what medications can be put into the pump, I believe there are many options. I have morphine in mine. Once you get up to the level your doctor wants you at in the pump, then you'll know how the dilaudid works for you and can go from there if you the meds changed.

How are you feeling at the incision sites for the pump? When I was in the recovery room after surgery my abdomen hurt so terribly bad I thought I was going to have an alien shoot out from my stomach:dizzy: :eek: :dizzy: They gave me several injects of something and I was still crying in pain and they finally told me they couldn't give me anything more. Thankfully the pain subsided fairly soon after, but wow did it hurt when I first came to.

I'm not sure if it's the same with the Medtronics pump, but I have to make sure I don't go in a sanau (sp:confused:), hot tub, etc.. Apparently the increase in your body tempature will effect the pump and increase the amount of meds that are released. Mine works on hydrolics so I don't know if your's will react the same way.

How often will you need to have the battery in your's replaced? Do they have to do surgery and get to the pump to do it? If you don't mind me asking - why did you and your doctor decide to go with the Medtronics over the Codman? For me being so young (30's) we decided it was better to go with Codman so I wouldn't need to worry about battery replacement every 5-7 years (if I remember right), so I'm just curious.

I know this part is frustrating - you've gotten the pump implanted and now you want the relief you are hoping to get from it. Try and be patient, it's just going to take some time.

Anything else I can help you out with? Hope you are having the best day you can!:D
It does get easier I am about to get my third medtronic pump installed next Monday. I had mt first one in 1997 and the second in 2001. My pain doctor will not put this one in ( they found their mal practice insurance was to high to keep putting them in ) so I am now going to have a neurosurgeon put this one in. They also wanted me to wear a binder this time but I have an illeostomy which prevents me from wearing one. I didn't wear one for the first two either. It does feel odd at first having the pump in there but after awhile you get use to it. As I said I had to get use to the ostomy and they put the pump on the other side. They put morphine and marcane in my pump and I have it turned up from 6 pm until 6 am because that is when I have an increace in pain in the evening. You may need to talk to someone with all that you have going on in your life and there is nothing wrong with that. It is hard being in pain and dealing with life problems. I hope this helps and take care and take one day at a time and you will get thru it. Take care and stay safe geifer:wave:
Glad to listen any time I can - that's what e-friends are for;)

I'm so sorry you're wife won't have a serious conversation about what is going on with you. It seems like it would be to her benefit as well to deal with this:confused: All you can do is your best and make the best life you can for your daughter. She's very lucky to have such a caring dad!

We all have regrets about our health and the decisions we've made or have been made for us. None of the doctors I saw early on really took my injury seriously. By the time I got to a doctor that was actually concerned (my current PM doc) and he figured out what was causing all the pain, there were limited options for me. Now I sit here in my mid 30's with a morphine pump and face a future of life long pain control. I'll always wonder if something was done sooner would I have gotten my life back?:confused: That thought ate at me for years - I finally had to accept that this is my life, this is my future and let it go. I had to mourn for the death of my old life. It took a lot of time, a lot of tears, but when I got through that, I could start making realistic plans. I still have days that I get angry and/or frustrated though. My husband and I had put off having kids because we wanted to be married for a while first. Now I'm afraid it's too late. I'm not sure how I would make it through a pregnancy and childbirth and then what happens when the baby's born? I have a hard time picking up our cat, how am I going to pick up our child? I'm so limited in what I can do - is that a life I really want to bring a child into? OK, enough about that - I'm depressing myself.

I'm glad your doctor is going to start you out on half days when you go back to work. I think it will be much better for you to ease into it instead of trying to go back full steam. Just keep the lines of communication open with your doctor and be [COLOR="Red"]HONEST about how you are doing when you go back.

Well, it looks like we're in the path of another hurricane:eek: We got hit straight on by a Cat 4 two years ago and had a lot of damage to our house. :dizzy: My husband just now has gotten all the repairs done from when a tree fell, the roof was torn off, it rained in the house for almost a week, we didn't have power for over 3 weeks, etc. and here we are in the cone for Ernesto. God willing it won't come to us. I probably won't be around much for the rest of the week - have to help hubby prepare. There's not much I can do to help, but I try to do what I can. I usually end up paying for it, but I can't just sit by and watch him do everything himself. Would you mind saying a prayer for us? We could use all the well wishes we can get.

I'll try to check in if I can and see how you are doing.