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Hey Alan, Dropping the *** needed really doesn't chnge the way the script is interpreted, either by the pharamacy and the number of days supply they calculate or by yiou. I would assume if you didn't need it you wouldn't take it. , so the *** needed is really a mute point. If you wanted to read more into oit, you could think the doc no longer sees the short acting meds as BT meds but as part of what your going to take every day, because the 100ugh isn't effective for you and rather than adjusting the febtanyl, he gave an extra pill daily and slightly altered the prescribing instructions.

I've been given the same 120 30 mg pills for several years now and it just depends on who writes the scripts, they used to say take 1-2 tablets as needed twice a day for BT and and recently after questioninioning how I use the meds, they changed the instructions to take 1 tablet every 406 hours as needed for rescue pain. It's still the same 120 pills a month. I still take what I need whether it;'s a half a pill in the day because a whole one prevents me from driving or taking 1 pill or 1 and 1/2 pills depnding on my level of pain.

I do get the feeling it's a constannt struggle for the NP to understand my BT med usage, perhaps because it's different from how other patients use their meds, I still believe if you take the max amount every day whether it's the worst day you have had in months or the same old same old you deal with daily, the end result is the same. You really don't have an effective means to manage BT mpain if you are used to taking the same max dose of BT meds allowed. "For others" Because I know Alan knows. If you take the max dose of BT meds every day,it leaves you stuck when you truly do have a flair, and even if your daily level of pain is what someone consideres a 9.5, there will be days when it's worse, when the weather changes and barometric pressure drops, when we don't sleep, when we are arguing with family and spouses or have over done it trying to keep up with the rest of our families because we are tired of being left behind on those trips and outings that would be harder on us by simply spending too much time on your feet or sitting too long without being able to adjust your position. Whatever makes a car trip or a trip to the beach or a dinner out a little more comfortable.

Honestly, I'm tired of being left behind, My goali to try to keep up and not deprive my wife and family from the things that are fun to them and used to be fun for me. So I try to push through when I can, pay for it later and deal with it the best we can witht the tools we have. Some things we just can't do ,like spending hours shopping for back to school, traveling or spending a day walking through a theme park. I live an hour from Busch Gradens and it bothers me I can't enjoy a day at the park with my daughter.

You could certainly through your doc a curve Alan and say now that we are simply using two opiates to manage my everyday pain, what should you use for BT pain and see what his reaction is. If it just makes your doc think about the way he's prescribing the patch and BT meds or has prescribed morphine in the past, maybe you could efect they way your doc sees Long acting meds Vs short acting meds.

Good luck and Take care, Dave