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Your increase in BP may be from your increased pain???I would definately get the doctor to check it though.I have been on methadone for 4 years this month.Before methadone I was on everything from crappy ole propoxyphene to morphine ect for 22 years.I have had 4 lumbar surgeries and 5-6 rt knee surgeries in those 22 years.I got on methadone 2002 and had a hard time getting stable,I finally stabilized at 400mgs/day.6 months ago I start to come down as my brain had healed from all the abuse and I could feel that I needed to come down.So I leveled off at 300mgs.I recently had increased sciatica pain in my rt leg and *** and more stiffness than usual.I tild my doctor and we had an x-ray done.The results came back to show that my fusion in L4-5 has cracked all the way across it.Now I have to go for a CT on Sept 6 to see how extensive it is.So as of today I went up 15mg to 315mgs/day.As you know it takes 5 days for the increase to level out in your blood serum levels so I'll wait and see how it works.I have heard that every 3-5 years a methadone patient usually needs a small adjustment in their dose and that would put you right there.Good luck.....Dave:)