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Hi Cornburner, I don't use the patches, gave them a try a few years ago and never found an effective dose. From a purely PM point of veiw, your taling about a 50% increase in the strength of ther med your presently taking. This is considered a safe increment when someone has become well accomadated to the side effects like respiritory supression and when they develop tolerance to the medication. Tolerance is inevatable, some folks grow tolerant faster than other but it's just a consequence of using the meds.

The 75ugh patch is about 30% larger in size than the 50, and your doc does have the option of using the 12.5 patch s your or he thinks the jump from 50 to 75 will cause too many unwanted side effects. Using a 50 and a 25 might work better as far as keeping the patch on and wrinkle free. Again, that's a decwsio you have to kmake based on the doc, your insurance, etc.

Although fentanyl is very potent, you are very tolerant to it, making a 50% increase is no diferent then going from 200 mgs of Oxycodone or morphine to 300 mgs. 50% is consider a safe increment if your tolerating the side effects well. I've met folks wearing as many as 6 100's and using methadone and Kadian in adition to the patch. So strength and dosage is all relative to your condition, the stability of it, and previous exposure to the med.

As far as worring about rapid tolerance or no where to go once you reach the largest dose/strength of a particluar med, it's no different than someone taking two of the strongest Kadinn, Avinza or oxyContin at a time. There isn't a magic number that makes meds unsafe or too much, it's how you respond and how you tolerate the side effects or how willing you are to tolerate it.

Good luck, Dave