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One thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to spasms narcotics are rarely effective. The actual key is to stop the spasms which in turn stops the pain. This may very well be the reason outside of the age excuse as to why his doctor is not prescribing narcotics.

There are several different types of medications you have not mentioned that can be tried for the spasms outside of narcotics.

I just had a hip replacement revision 2 weeks ago and was having horrible spasms in my leg as a result of having my leg also lengthened. I take Morphine for general pain and baclofen and flexeril for muscle spasms. I can tell you that when I took my morphine it did absolutely nothing for the spasms. The baclofen and flexeril combo was far more effective. Most individuals who suffer from spasms will tell you the same.

If he is having pain outside the spasms that do deem narcotics he might consider seeing a different PM. THere are many types of PM's out there. Some will not prescribe narcotics for any reason regardless of age. There are some that only use a holistic approach (therapies, TENS units, meditation etc) and then there are those who only prescribe. It is really best to find an all around one who does a bit of everything. Relying on narcotics only doesn't help individuals learn to cope with their pain. I know that's not something most people want to hear but it is the reality.

best of luck