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Thanks Director and Kissa

I am taking the oxy as a bt med because I cannot tolerate alot of the others. Methadone, when I reached an amount that gave me relief, the side effects were so bad I couldn't stand it and morphine made my body swell up like a toad. I would hate to have to wear 2 patches as these 100's are big enough as it is. He tells me the 100 is a good dose to be at. I don't understand what that means, but I agree with Kissa that my base med (the fentanyl) seems like the one to increase instead of the oxy.

I should have a pain pump but I cannot afford what Medicare will not pay. I am only surviving on SSD which is not much. I looked into getting a supplement for the disabled but would have to come up with almost $200 a month for that.

I don't know why he is giving me oxy ir but it seems to be working pretty good. I used to take hydrocodone but after 10 years of high doses of acetamenophen my liver needed a rest.
Director, I don't understand the doc's reasoning for prescribing two LA drugs either. I take 1-40 mg and 1-10 mg. 3 tid. 6 pills per day. I have tried methadone and morphine, and they provided fairly good pain relief, but when I got to an amount that provided the relief the side effects were terrible. Glad to hear methadone works for you. When I look at the prescription benefits that Medicare's Plan D provides for me, the amount is staggering. It would be much cheaper in the long run if they would pay more on a pain pump surgery than what they are paying for these high priced meds.

It does seem like tolerance is building fast on the oxy. Pain relief is good only for 3 or 4 months and it's time for another increase. Was it that fast for you?