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I seem to have more problems with the people in the office than I do the doctors. I have fired a couple of doctors because of their staff. For example,
one urologist told me my PSA scores shot from being around "one" for years, up to a nine+ in one year. I was taking PSA tests monthly for 3 months, while he "monitored" my condition. When I complained that the staff would not give me my PSA scores, he told them to give me any information I wanted. The next two months they kept telling me I had to see the dr. first. After the 3rd month I switched to another Urologist. The other office is great and I have been there for 7 years.

I have had my family doctor...about ten to twelve years and so on. But sometimes we have to take a stand. I can be "difficult" at times, so I try to ask myself if it is my fault or theirs. Switching 2 doctors in 20+ years tells me I am pretty reasonable. But some days...the morphine doesn't work as well as I would like and ...........
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hi all,
i have also had the same problem with dr in the pass. I never understood what age has to do with pain. I have also been looked at like an addict. I hate that i have to depend on meds so i can live my life.I agree as long as you have the proof of your pain ,age shouldn't matter.

That was the attitude of the specialist I saw for my bone and joint disease a few months ago.

We hit it off right away, but then the topic of pain control came up and I said I was on Morphine. He changed his friendly tune completely! His next ideas were all centered around him trying to assure me that I don't need Morphine and that I'm probably addicted in addition to being too young for that kind of medicine. When he asked me if what happens if I miss a dose I said that withdrawl would set in and he seemed to think that meant I was addicted (but dependence does not equal addiction). He's called my PM to request that she take me off the Morphine (and Percocet for BT) and give me NSAID's instead.

What irritates me is that he told me he doesn't doubt that I am in constant pain from my disease and deformities, but thinks that Morphine is bad for controlling the pain? I don't get it, but I'll never see him again because he didn't share any useful opinion other than advising me to "travel around the country" finding other doctors and services that can help. I can't afford to travel! Does he think I'm rich or something?