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Sorry to hear about the blood test not showing Fen. & Oxy.

My Avinza seems to be the same way. About 15 hours after I took my avinza, the blood test showed NO morphine in my blood. I thought this was great. My body was processing the morphine and I could drive...morphine free.

WRONG!!!! My PM&R doctor was not a happy camper, BUT I keep a log of every opioid I take. Today is Sept 1, 2006. It is my 272nd day on Morphine. When I showed him that I can account for every single pill, the day, hour and minute I took it, my doctor seemed to relax. And yes, I am anal about it, but opioids scare me. So he did not give me a hard time about it. I asked him if we could do a series of these blood tests to see just how long these 24 hour meds really work. I even offered to have my wife drive me to his house at 8pm or whatever he wanted so he could SEE me take the meds. He declined. I would really like to know how long these meds are in me, so I can plan the times I can safely drive my car to the store and back, etc.

I am stunned at the cost for these tests. One thing you might pursue is that the lab cannot charge you more than they charge an insurance company.

I had exceeded the amount of dental coverage one year and I still needed something else. Delta Dental told me to make sure the dentist did not charge me the retail rate. My dentist can only charge me what they charge the insurance company. So $1200 might be $250 real quick. Best wishes in your efforts. We can't afford to pay their "retail prices" any more.