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Interesting about the seizures, I am looking at my last prescription and it does
NOT mention that, only dizziness.

As I have said before, I quit, I forget how many...6 or 7 SSRIs cold. I don't remember anyone warning me of any problems, maybe I missed it...and the neurontin too. The only drug I have not just "quit" is morphine. I know better than to do it. No label necessary. I did not quit all those drugs in one day to "prove a point" or to be macho or anything. I was fed up with how they made me feel, so I quit. I made have had side effects, but I don't remember any.

I did not realize some drugs fall under multiple ...uh....disciplines? Amitripaline and Neurontin are that way...I think.

The real bottom line for all of us is forums like this. I am learning. No one in their right mind quits these drugs if they were warned about the consequences. That is part of why I am reading as much as I can about them. Thanks for the info..I may have dodged a bullet when I took them for over a year and quit. But the dosage was only 900mg a day. THAT might be why I didn't have a seizure.