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I hear you loud and clear USM, my PM is the same way! I just had a hip replacement 2 weeks ago. I am currently on Morphine and have been for some 2 or so years for multiple conditions. While in the hospital for 7 days I was on Morphine and 2 Percocet every 6 hours. (had a pain pump post op but my bp went so low they thought I was going to die so they removed it)

My doctor does not prescribe BT meds for some crazy reason. He had upped my Morphine to 120 a day just prior to the surgery, I take it twice a day. When I asked him what I was supposed to do between those twelve hours, specifically after about 8 when the morphine no longer works (I was on 30 every 8 hours previously) post op he told me told me to take Advil! So here I sit in post op pain taking 800mg of advil every 6 hours. My surgeon was not a happy camper with his prescribing methods but could do nothing about it due to the contract.

As a side not he did originally prescribe Duragesic for two weeks post op and I filled it just before the surgery. They found out in the hospital I can't take it (which I already knew) so the doctor told me I was not allowed to use the patches, take them back to him and well suffer through it. His Nurse Practitioner tried to get something, even Darvocet but it was a no go. She had told me to come in to the office but I was only 9 days post op and couldn't even get in a car comfortably. I didn't think an ambulance was an option.

I go see him this afternoon and he's going to get an earful... I can't understand why he'd give me Duragesic patches with the Morphine but not give me any BT meds when he was told I could not take it. I've been through 2 weeks of misery so far.

Those who do get BT meds count your blessings, I am begining to think my doctor is a sadomasochist!