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Never to a radiologist, but to the surgeon who wants to do a lumbar fusion.
And it was very, very good. Having them all there. He spent a LONG time explaining everything. He did find something everyone else had missed and that was a disc which is moving around a little. Well, per the films we had it only moved a "little". He had to point it out to me. But if he had NOT had all the films together, he could not have seen it.

Dressing for doctors? I never have, but they DO notice your behavior. One day I couldn't sit still. My "hip/lower back" was "biting" me and I would stand up and talk, then stand with a knee on a chair, stand up and so on. THAT is the day he had the first blood test done to check on how much morphine I had in me. ZERO!! Avinza only lasts about 12-15 hours (max) in me. Sort of good news, bad news...but he told me he saw how I was moving around, so he knew the meds were either "weak" or gone. I am still his patient, so I guess he did not think I was selling the Avinza. My ex wife got our daughter involved in drugs (DEA level, Federal Marshals, witness protection and so on), so I have seen how drugs can screw you up. I don't like the drugs and I think he has figured it out. He no longer asks me about Euphoria and so on,
so they do watch how we act, not sure about the dress codes. If you were not an attractive lady, he would not have said that. Maybe it is a far left -
handed compliment?? (Why do I think I am going to be taken to the wood shed for saying that :)