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Hi Angel!
I'm so sorry you are going through all of this. But I'm very glad that you found the board. It's very helpful just to be able to get all the frustrations out in the open and talk to others that are also dealing with pain. So welcome!:wave: I'm 37 and was hurt at work 7 years ago and have DDD
in 3 discs in my low back. I won't bore you with all that I've been through, but I now have an implanted morphine pump and am permanently disabled.

It took me 5 doctors to get to one who actually took my pain seriously enough to get the root of what was causing it.:mad: It took me over a year and a half and during that time I was either all loopy:dizzy: from the meds that were being prescribed or in intense pain:eek: because the meds that were being prescribed didn't help or a doctor had stopped writing them. [COLOR="Blue"]PLEASE seek out another opinion from a different PM doc. There are good ones out there that will do everything in their power to control your pain and try to find a solution to it.

You mentioned that your disability was denied - did you file this as a Workers' Comp claim? I read that you jarred your neck at work, so this should be filed under W. Comp. Make an appointment with an attorney that specializes in WC cases as soon as possible. If you go to the Disabilities section of Health Boards you can post over there and I'll be glad to talk to you more about WC.

I hope things start turning around for you soon!:angel: