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It sounds as if things went well Bruce. They do things in the US a lot differently.

I just has my hip revision on August 9th. I was in the hospital for 8 days. I am 40 and had my original hip replacement due to severe OA and the revision because the hip was failing. They replaced my liner, ball and realigned my socket. I have a ceramic ball. The stem was not touched.

Here you start physical therapy right away (you probably did too) and they do not do hydrotherapy at all. Someone comes to my home twice a week and then I have exercises to do on my own between then.

You are given a walker and not a cane for generally 3 weeks but you can use crutches if you can get around well. I can not use them because I have too many cats who'd run me down so the walker is much safer.

The density feeling you feel is normal. You are not feeling the stem you just think you are. Much of it is from the pressure of it working it's way down into the femur. You will also have a level of numbness as Anne mentioned and this will last for some time to come. Massaging the area with vitamin E oil AFTER you are healed up will help this to reduce much quicker.

I didn't have staples at all which surprised me. My first hip replacement I did (13 years ago). They sewed me internally and used maybe some glue on the incision but nothing else. The scar is huge, at least 8" long and shaped like a 7. The first surgery the scar was only 4-6 inches top.

I did not wear Ted hose, I had a machine hooked up to me instead. I didn't get any going home either but noticed that others in the hospital did. They had different doctors and probably had the full hip replacement. I am on an aspirin regimin daily. Some doctors use a different medication that you self inject daily. I was horrified when I heard that! Glad I don't have to do that.

Like you my pain was at it's worst when getting in and out of bed. Walking was fine. I am 100% weight bearing. Sitting too long hurts so I have to try to balance myself out and it's hard. If I sit too long I hurt, if I lay too long I hurt.
I'd say the vast majority of the pain now is muscular. The incision pain is long gone.

I had extreme problems with spasms about two weeks ago, I had posted about that. The doctor lenthened my leg while doing the surgery because it was short. As a result it caused extreme pain. I think had it not been for that my pain levels would of been pretty good.

I didn't over use my PCA too much because I had near death levels of blood pressure from the Morphine. I take morphine as a daily medication and they thought there'd be no issue but apparently at the levels they gave me there was. It was very scary.

I'm getting around quite well but not ready for a cane just yet. The doctors here have you on them by 3-6 weeks. Because I had a massive hematoma and because this is a revision they are taking it slower with me.

Keep me posted on how you're doing!

As mentioned, I was in for 8 days. I was supposed to be let out at 4 but had complications with the PCA so they kept me in longer. I've ran into a few folks who have left as soon as 3 or 4 days! I couldn't imagine being out in 4 days, I wanted to be out but was in so much pain it wasn't possible for me. The pain was a little less than the full hip was but I had major complications with the full hip and my surgery was some 5 hours so it's hard to say really which one is worse for the average person.

My nerve problems or spasms were worst at 1-2 weeks. I am 3 weeks now. I thought I was going to die one night it was so bad. I take morphine, flexeril and baclofen. Nothing helped. Like you it would wake me up. I still have them on occassion but not that often and they are not as strong as they first were. I woke up scared and even crying a few times because I thought maybe I dislocated my hip or could dislocate it because the spasms were so strong. The muscle relaxers do help alot.

I have had 14 surgeries and the spasms have been the norm with any surgery be it hip, knee, neck or shoulder. I think it's our body's way of trying to adjust to the trauma.

I am at about 90% weight bearing. At times 100%. Last week I didn't I'd be ready for it at all but each day proves to get a bit better. Right now most of the pain is in the hip, Primarily the muscles. I am not allowed to do abduction exercises (lifting leg up while laying down or moving leg outward while laying down) because it is a revision and they are more apt to dislocate than the first hip.

My muscles in general are still taught but getting better with each day. I can bend my hip to almost 90%, of course we are not allowed to go over 90% so I don't push it.

Sitting is the hardest for me, I have not found a comfortable chair yet!

I am on the aspirin regimine for 30 days. I don't have TED hose, probably because it's a revision and no real bone was cut. I asked the nurse about it and she said not all doctors use them. My doctor is on the cutting edge so to speak and does a lot of experimental surgery and is known around the world. The way he does things is a bit different than most of the doctors in the area.

I am still shocked at how huge my scar is compared to the original scar! I think it's probably that way because of the masses of scar tissue they had to remove and I've heard revisions are much harder to do than the first replacement itself. I'm not sure. All I know is it is really big!

I am surprised you are walking so far each day but I think it's great. It sounds like you are really progressing. Hopefull for the both of us this will result in a pain free life, or at least a pain free hip for me :)

Did the doctors tell you that if you have any type of proceedure in the future that invovles cutting or dental work that you need to be on an anti-biotic regimine to protect your hip? I have found some doctors do not tell their patients. In fact my first hip doctor did not tell me that! Any time over the next year you get sick and if you notice a fever definately call your doctor right away. The first year is the most difficult and we must protect ourselves.

Have a great day!