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You have to be opiate tolerant to use methadone successfully.It's a very different opiate then any other and has a half life of up to 36hrs.You need to be taking large doses of morphine or diluadid to be able to switch over and handle methadone.A very powerful painkiller but should be used as a last resort....Dave:)
I was not on Methadone for very long because I had the same side effects as you Dame, come to find out though my doctor actually had me on a high dose compared to the medicine he had me on. He switched my morphine to methadone 1:1. One of the members here mentioned that was too high of a dosage.

I found that sitting still watching tv was bad, I'd fall asleep. I only drove once and it was the last time I did that, I almost fell asleep at the wheel. Fortunately not all people experience the same thing we do. Some have little to no side effects at all and that is fantastic for them. I only wished I could of taken it because as you mentioned it was the most successful medication I ever took.
[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Indigo"][FONT="Palatino Linotype"]Oddly enough, I was switched from 90mg MSContin ER + prn 45mg MS IR to (initially) 30mg of Methadone. I built up EXTREMELY slowly. 90mg + 30mg for prn Methadone was what it took to control PAIN.

However that had me severely nodding after a few months. Also I couldn't drive AT ALL w/out falling asleep. My Doc says Methadone and a Long Half-Life Morphine Prep are the only meds he will discuss or consider for my pain as it is acute/chronic. He feels that's the best way to avoid hitting a ceiling w/dosage where pain cannot be managed AND having uncontrollable ever increasing/unstable addiction problems (i.e. I would be EATING PERCOCET by the handful to no avail!).

I have never had to change my MSContin dosage--but require more interventions than w/the Methadone (radiofrequency denervation, nerve blocks, epidural).

Just my experience