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Director - I don't even know what APAP is....(but that's beside the point) - thank you for trying to explain it all to me. I guess it's good that I'm getting stronger meds of some type...:rolleyes:

Jen - I hear you, but I am in terrible, excruciating pain much of the time, and have reached the point where I just can't take it. I'm going to call my doc in a day or two and put it to him/her bluntly that they have to give me something more powerful...maybe morphine or demerol (sp?) would help..:)

In my book there really is no excuse for not giving a patient what he/she needs to avoid acute pain...I can't sleep or work, or function rationally in this state.

Thanks for all your input...

Hydrocodone is the narcotic portion (derivative of codiene) of the medication, the apap is the actamitaphen (brand name tylenol)(probably not spelled correctly) component mixed with it. The levels that I am familiar with being used most commonly for acute pain are 5.0 to 10.0 / 350-500 apap. It just tells you the mixture of each ingrediant.

Be carefull about uping your pain meds as they are addictive and as a general rule the longer you take them the higher the dose is required as your body gets used to them. Then you have the problem of not having anywhere to go as you have started on the most potent drugs first. Usually they start you with a loader dose and see how you respond, the general guideline is the least amount of drug neccessary for comfort. Has your doctor referred you to an orthopedic surgeon, neurologist or a pain management specialist that may be able to put you on trigger point injection to help with the pain.

There are other non traditional approches to pain as well, ie: accupunture, tens units ect. Steriod packs can help reduce inflamation, helping to reduce stress to the vertibre. physical therapy has some options available as well along the lines of traction and anti-infamatory assisted ultrasound.

About the only place to go from hydrocodone, is oxycotton, or roxycotton, percocet, and morphine derivatives. They all have higher degrees of addiction possibilities and side effects. including but not limited to liver or kidney problems, gi upset and ulceration.

Do you have nerve inpingments? If so have they considered Lyrica or Ultram that work more on a neurologic level? I saw that you are on neurotin, its similiar to Lyrica, however lyrica is actually labeled for neuropathy.