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Hi everyone . I was hoping someone might have some insight or suggestions
regarding achieving better pain control. I am currently being treated for
severe pain in my neck ,spine ,back , hips and shoulders due to M.S. , I also
had a cervical fusion approximately three years ago . My first visit to PM , she
rxed me Methadone ,however I developed an allergic rash so she switched me
to MS Contin 30mg 3 x day and Hydrocodone 10/325 2 tabs 4 x day for
breakthrough. I am also taking Lorazepam 1 mg 4 x day and 120 mg Baclofen a day , in addition to Gabapentin 1600 mg a day. I also take another 6 meds just for my MS . I am also using accupuncture ,biofeedback and physical,cognitve and speech therapy. My pain levels prior to starting PM
were a daily 8 to 9 , now my daily level is mostly at a 6 sometimes 7. I know
it is unrealistic to expect no or very little pain. However after starting PM , I
am now able to at least get out of bed ,mostly take care of myself and walk
my new puppy short distances . However, I would like to be able to ride in the car for more than 15 minutes , walk more often ,etc....just to get back
even alittle of my prior quality of life. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a better PM treatment plan as my physician is very open
and is willing to try any meds,therapy,etc...Specifically ,one question is
since I have no side effects from the morphine should she just increase that?
or try another LA med ? Furthermoe ,the hydrocodone 10/325 at 2 tabs helps
very little as a breakthrough med , any suggestions as to another more effective breakthrough med ?...I sincerely appreciate any help or suggestions
you might have, thanks again and I hope everyone has the best day possible....