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I've not personally had one but read quite a few stories over on the Back board here. It seems about half feel it's quite painful while the other half feel it's an average surgery. As with any surgery everyone's outcome is not always the same.
I would suggest you stop by the Back board and read some of the stories. There are several members there who have had lamectomies in the last month or so.

I wouldn't worry about medication post op, there are many medications much stronger than what you are currently taking. I just had my hip replaced again and I let the doctor, mostly the anethesiologist, know my current regimine of medications. They made sure that post op I was well taken care of. They basically quadrupled my morphine via a pump and once the pump was gone they resumed my normal morphine schedule and added 2 Percocet every 6 hours plus medication for spasms. As long as you let them know what you are on, most good surgeons will put you on something stronger for the first few weeks following your proceedure.

Good luck on the surgery, I hope the stimulator works out for you!