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Welcome to the board Cindy,

Your story is very similiar to many others I have read. It's no fun being in chronic pain. There is no actual test for FMS, its' more ruling out one disease and the patient having a certain set of criteria.

I think you are a long ways from having a pain pump. A pain pump IS strong medicine! Pain pumps are generally reserved for those who have been in pain management a long time and tried many different medications and they have failed or the levels they are on are quite high and the patient is not getting any relief. It can also be used I believe for those have had bad side effects from oral medications. I believe the side effects from pumps are a bit less exaggerated than oral medications.

Not every medication works the same for every person. I too can not take Duragesic, but I have no problems at all with morphine. You have not mentioned any other medications other than Vicodin which is short acting. You do need a long acting medication to help eliviate the highs and lows of pain control with short acting medication. Additionally LA medications are often less dangerous to the kidneys as opposed to short acting.

There's still Morphine, Methadone and Oxycontin which should be tried before even considering a pain pump. The level of Duragesic you were on is very low so it probably would not take much to get your pain at a reasonable level.

Also take into account there are other medications that can help such as anti-depressants and medication for muscle spams etc. These types of medications offer relief for different types of pain. There's really no one specific pain medication that covers every type of pain.

I would talk to your doctor about trying something different, perhaps Morphine or Methadone. Oxycontin does work but members here report having to keep upping their dosages because they become tolerant to it quite quick.

Bear in mind that Pain management's goal is really only about a 50% to maybe 80% reduction in pain. Bottom line is you'll never be totally pain free, while it is possible, it often takes a vast amount of medication and over sedation to achieve it. What you want to do is strike a balance between what is an acceptable level fo pain that allows you to gain some portion of your life back.

Lastly you have not mentioned any of the other methods used for pain control. Pain control without medications is essential. We can't always depend on medication to take of that last edge or sudden rush of pain. Things like meditation, biofeedback, tools like a TENs unit, massage therapy, gentle exercises and the like are essential to every pain patient. A good well rounded PM will offer these types of services or be aware of their key importance and refer you to someone who may teach you these techniques.

Best of luck to you and again, welcome to the boards!