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Had to go to my Pain Mgmt. Dr. yesterday....This last week I developed several very bad headaches (from the neck to the base of my skull, into the right side of my face, eye and head...) (Had ACDF 2 1/2 yrs. ago..). I am also suffering from increasing bad pain (feels like compression ache...across lower back, into side of theigh...into lower leg, ankle and foot) Everything just seemed to increase last week....

Had been on oxycodone 10/325 for about 5 months....it helps, but doesn't get rid of the pain, and it didn't touch the headache...

So I called my PM and they fit me in.....he has been so patient with me for almost 3 yrs..through the neck...lower back etc. He now wants me to go to Shands in central Fl. So I have agreed.....last spring he sent me to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville....they said my symptoms were from compression, but then when the MRI's etc. didn't show compression...basically I was dumped....I do have herniated disc...bulging etc. but they said my symptoms didn't match....

So, anyway...my PM gave me a new prescription for the MSIR...I have never had this stuff...

are there any problems I should watch for? (have a lot of problems with meds)
will it help the pain????
I am afraid to take it...morphine??? wow, that is scary..

If anyone has taken this, can you tell me about it? Will it make me overly tired?????

Thanks for your answers....

Hi Sage, Morphine is just the gold standard to which other drugs are compared. Oxycodone is actually 50% stronger than morphine, So going from 10 mgs of oxycodone to 15 mgs of morphine isn't really giving you something significantly stronger, It's simply from a different class of opiates and he's hoping you respond better to what is really an equivelant dose by most standards.Personally I think oxy works better orally, If I had my choice between 10 mg percs or 15 mgs of MSIR, I would choose the percs.

If you haven't been exposed to as much morphine or as long, likely your doc is hoping the slight differences from one opiate to another may provide better relief. Morphine isn't stronger mg:mg and the dose isn't high enough to make it a stronger dose, it's pretty equal, the difference is in the class of opiates.

Morphine itself can cause headaches because it increases inner cranial pressure, It's not the same type of headache as cervicle or migraines, but it may take a while to get used to it. You can still take some apap or motrin for the headache unless your doc has told you to avoid all NSAIDS if your fusion is more recent than 6 months.

Don't worry, most people think morphine is the big daddy of pain meds when in fact it's one of the weaker meds compared to oxycodone, Hydromorphone "Dilaudid", Oxymorphone, Fentanyl which is measured in Micrograms it's so potent. Methadone is also several times stronger than morphine when compared mg to mg. It's just a stigma attached to the name of the drug because for years it was the only way they treated pain, specifically terminal pain.It' was prety much the only drug your parents would have had if they developed cancer in the 70's or 80's. They didn't make 80mg or 160mg oxycontin prior to 96 or make 30 mg roxidcodne or even 10 mg percs. Use of "fentanyl" Duragesic on non malignant cancer pain was unheard of prior to the invention of oxyContin which changed the way pain is managed and the way chronic pain is treated.

I'm not sugesting opiates are benign, it's just that taking 15 mgs of morphine is no stronger than taking 10 mgs of oxy. Morphine causes more drowsiness but side effects go away as you get used to the new med, then you're simply left with the pan relief. Drowsiness , nausea, and constipation are also more common with morphine and codeine but it does get better. Morphine is a little harhser on the tummy than the synthetics. Once you get passed the side efects, hopefully the newe med provides better relief.
Good luck, Dave
Thanks Dave for the reply.

I haven't been back to my post in a week or two....have been lazy and out of town for a few days.

I am happy to hear that the MSir isn't as horrible a drug as it sounded. One of my major problems with morphine is that it makes me very, very, very ill...thow up for days...(I threw up for 3 steady days after my ACDF 2 1/2 years ago...yikes...) I didn't realize it was morphine when I was given the script.

I still haven't taken the med. I know, my Dr. supposedly knows best, but in this case I'm not sure....I had a bad flare up of pain, and he totally changed my med.... The pain got back to it's usuall level in about 8 or 9 days...so I just kept taking the oxycodone 10/325... 3 or 4 times a day.

I wish he would just give me something for breakthrough pain, for those flare ups....

I didn't realize the oxycodone was so strong...seems like baby asprine sometimes...!! Wow...scary thought. I am being referred to a new PM in th e near future. My present PM feels that he has done all he can for me...wow. He is a nice person, and has tried, but from what I am reading here, there are a lot more things to try to find out what is causing pain/treating it & the flare ups....not just 1 drug...

Thank you so much for all of the information....this is good to know.