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I have been on just about every narcotic that there is, so my PM doctor says.
Since seeing him I have went from Fentanyl patches to Morphine, of which I only took for a week-had severe pain and sick with it, couldn't work while I was on it.
Then he put me on Methadone. He gave me a script and it ran out in just a few days. I knew I was wrong in doing this but I did it anyway. I didn't have my script refilled and then started self-medicating myself. He went thru the roof. Upon reading my chart while walking in the room with an intern of which he never introduced, the whole time they were in there. That is totally wrong. Don't they have to ask if they can be present in the room. And announce who they are and where they are from. He didn't.
He asked me what I was taking. And that he didn't have to represcribe me my pain meds. Then he went on to look at my scar and the way I walked. He was also more worried about my diabetic neuropathy than anything else. He put me on Lyrica.
So I apologize several times about my neglience for my meds. and he told me never to do that again or he wouldn't be my doctor. Then to see me in 2 months. My chart is already screwed for what I did and I'm sure if I don't like how he treats me in Nov., that he'll make it hard for me to find another PM doctor?!
Has this happened to anyone else? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. By the way, these meds that I'm on really suck. I work nights and by 3 or 4 am-I'm almost dead to the world. Is the effects of these meds.
Lyrica and Methadone-just curious.