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Well on Tuesday i sat with Dad eating sweeties, drinking pop and laughing at the television, the very next day i spoke to Dad on the phone and i told him he sounded like he had a chest infection as he was wheezy. That was the last time i ever spoke to my Dad. I sat and held his hand as he died Thursday morning, it has all happened so quick i still keep thinking i am stuck in a bad dream. Dad went downhill so very fast i just cant believe it. Please take comfort in the fact that dad did NOT die from lung cancer, we are still waiting on the results for that. Dad had a terminal illness that i will not mention on here what it is in case i frighten someone with the same condition. Dad suffered terribly as he was dying, he chocked, gasped for air, bubbled at the mouth and bled from the nose, it was just so awful i was mortified at what i was actually seeing. I kept asking the nurses to help us but they said there was nothing they could do and my poor dad had to keep choking and gasping. In the end i persuaded them to top up his morphine to an extent where it would overdose him, after 40 minutes of more terrible suffering dad quietened down, and 4 hours later he finally died peacefully.
I really was not ready for they way dad died, i cant tell you in words how horrilbe it was to have to watch this go on in front of me and no one could help me, i called on God to come and take him quickly. I willnot recover from this for a long time, it keeps on coming back to me. Even though we thought dad had 2 months left because of the lung cancer, he died earlier because of something called Sepsis, from what i have been told this is a kind of blood piosening. Apparently dad had caught pnuemonia, the hospital staff had fitted a caffeta in dad so they didnt have to keep changing his bed at night as he had a couple of accidents, well the caffeta caused a bladder infection, this led to the sepsis and this all killed him in a matter of a few hours. I spoke to him at about 10.30 am and by mid day dad was semi conscious, by 4pm he was unconscouis and 12 hours later he was dead. I am so very shocked. Dads dr has rung and he said they still do not have the lung cancer results but will still let me know if he had cancer for definate.
I do hope things are better your end, my hubby has just started to cough up some horrible stuff and his chest is not sounding too good and he has started coughing so he is going to see the dr monday. will speak soon