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Under anesthesia I had a breathing tube. I don't know if you will, it depends on your surgery. But they put the tube down my throat. Never turned the machine on though, it was only there in case I had a bad reaction to the anesthesia. Had they not told me I never would have known after the fact. Had a teeny scratchy throat but I assumed I was thirsty, and in fact water pretty much cured it. They put it in after I'm asleep, so i never knew. Also, they put heart monitors on me, just those little sticky things on your chest, along with the pulse ox on my finger and the blood pressure cuff.

Anesthesiologists are really gems. I've had 4 surgeries. I've been under all 4 times and all 4 times had different anesthesiologists. They were all amazing. One of them was quite attractive, and told me to imagine being on a beach while he was serving me drinks. While under, that's what I dreamt about, my gorgeous doctor serving me drinks. :)

You'll be given lots of anxiety stuff before the anesthesia. Then the anesthesia, and probably pain killers before you wake up. So when you wake up you'll be out of it. Before you can leave the hospital they'll make sure you can keep down a snack and go to the bathroom. It is a lot scarier seeming than it really is. When you wake up you may be out of it or emotional. I cried once, but not from being in pain, I just think my nerves got the best of me. Another time I just napped. The only thing I ever had really was the feeling of being tired, but I was also on Morphine or Dilaudid so I'm sure the narcotics made a huge impact on my fatigue.

You'll do fine! Good luck.