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Hi everyone.
Its been a while since I posted, so here is the news.
For the last 12 months I have had a " team ' of Drs working on my behalf. The team specializes in Osteo, and is part of the Womans Hospital here in Vancouver. Two of the 3 of them teach at the University of BC as well, so they are good people to have on my Osteo side.
Most recent, we found that my IGF-1 is non-existant, and my Pituitary is inactive, and probably dead.
I am still on Forteo, another 6 months to complete my 18 months. Had an emergency MRI of my upper neck due to arm numbness. C 4,5,6 and 7 are serverely compromised, but not broken, just deteriated a lot.
My Neuro is arranging for a meeting to discuss neck issues at the end of next month.
My Rhumi has scriped Oxycotin, which I take 4 to 8 a day for pain, helps keep me 100% at work, and does not drug or make me stupid, what a relief as codiene and morphine were not good for me.
My Endo has scripted HGH, a Pituitary hormone replacement the brand name Saizen. HGH has proven to increase bone density by as much as 7% in one year with the injectable form. The store purchased pill form is from my studies as good as a sugar pill, not much to them. I had read somewhere that the health store type HGH is somewhere around 1/10,000th the strengh of the injectable.
My Endo has been looking close at my blood work, and my IGF-1 is virtually non-existant, or in trace amounts, so the HGH is a viable replacement treatmant given the extreme low levels of GF1. My levels of HGH are so low, and have been since he first started measuring them a year ago, that he suspects my Pituitary is probably dead, and has been for some time. Could possibly be a tumor, and they are 98% of the time localized, and cause no other issues. So, I am currently on Forteo, HGH, and Testostorone.
I am very fortunate to have this team working for me, as they are very well informed on all new medications, and advancements with Osteo.
I have not had a new BMD test for a year, but know for a fact I have been sliding downward, a broken rib, and I am sure of more compression of my neck, and lower back.
The addition of the HGH is a welcome addition, as I am in a fast paced race to gain BM.
Heriditary factors, combined with the loss of my natural pituitary hormone place me at an even higher risk not bieng able to gain bone.
My blood calcium levels continue to be extremly high, and kidney stone output never seems to decrease. The more Calcium I intake, the more I excrete.
Thyroid function is monitored, along with all blood, and urine output, at minimum once a month.
The biggest news I have is the HGH.
My study has shown really good bone gain with it. Unfortuantly it cannot be scripted for someone who has normal, or near normal IGF-1 levels.
I am told its called the million dollar drug, in that a few movie stars take it.
Within a year of daily injections, most people look 10 to 15 years younger, feel 15 years younger, and some act thier new age.
I can hardly wait to be 40 again, ha ha. My wife of 35 years is adopting a wait and see attitude to the HGH and testostorone injections. She says if I all of a sudden start swinging from the light fixtures, she's phoning my Drs.

Gee, I wonder if she means to thank them, or give them heck !!!!!!