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To me it sounds like the final stages, but that is only a guess.

Have you tried thickened fluids? You can buy polymer products at the pharmacy which can thicken fluids and can be tolerated by the difficulty in swallowing. You can even thicken it to an almost gelatine consistancy and spoon it in.

Of course, if he's not swallowing then it will dribble out or he could choke on it too.

This part of the disease is the most evil. Painfully slipping away, gradually going .... my heart goes out to you at this time.

Has the doctor stopped all medications? Has Palliative measures been put into place? Do you have hospice assistance where you are? If these are truly his last days, he should be made as comfortable as possible with palliative morphine as required (if he appears in pain or uncomfortable). It doesn't have to be as horrific as it could be .. call for help. Do it now.

Hugs ..