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I recently had a level 2 fusion (L4/L5/S1) on Jan 10th. When I woke from surgery, I had terrible burning pain in my left leg and foot. My Surgeon said that it was normal and would go away soon. 5 days later I left the hospital still in terrible pain but was assured it would ease up and go away. 2 weeks later on my first follow up, I am still in terrible pain. Doc gives me a Medrol Pack and says it will go away now. 6 days later, medrol pack complete, terrible pain still there, Doc says "wait a few days for steroids to work, it takes awhile". A week later my wife takes me to ER because my pain is horrible and I cant stand it no more, I even consider life without my leg. ER doc gives me Morphine shot and prednisone(sp) and says "now it should get better". 5 days later I am admitted to the hospital in severe pain and incontinent(sp). Muscle spasms are normal for just having fusion surgery so that can also be explained. I have noticed that my neck muscles have been getting rather sore as well (of course this could be from my now awkward way of sleeping) and the sweating could be from the medications I am taking as well. My left foot becomes swollen and turns colors (red, purple), it is Always painful to touch! I cant stand to have a sock on it. It is becoming more and more difficult to bring my leg forward when walking, its like I must give extra effort to get it to move? its almost like its attached to a string and the string is under tension? I really cant explain it. I have read a lot about RSD and its truly frightening. I know that its far too soon for me get nervous, but some of the symptoms of RSD, are the symptoms I am experiancing and my Drs do not seem to have a clue of whats going on, I keep getting the same "it should be better by next week" crap. I now have a fentanyl patch which helps a great deal, I still feel the pain, but I tolerate it much better. Without the patch I was crying like a baby. I have lost so many nights of sleep because of this pain, I could never get comfortable no matter how hard I tried.
To those of you who have been diagnosed with RSD, my heart goes out to you, from what I have read, this is a painful and sometimes dibilitating disease. I pray that each of you are doing well and are pain free.