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[COLOR="Blue"]HI Andrea,

Welcome to the board. I can't really help you much. I've also had RSD for a long time...21 years and have a morphine/bupivacaine pump now. I used Vioxx when it was still on the market. Now I use Celebrex when I need it. Have you tried that? Similar to Vioxx.

I see you lived on Long Island. I live in Islip...not too far from where you lived.

Just wanted to say "hi." I hope you like it here. Take care.

Sharon :)
Thank you so much Sharon and Lil,:)

You probably don't realise this, but to me, your comments meant so much. I have researched this horrible disability to the point where it actually makes me feel ill! I am probably one of the luckier ones with RSD although I am in constant pain, it's not as visable on me as the photos I have seen on the internet. Apart from my foot being constantly cold and a little on the blue side.
I am taking your advice of printing some info to take to my Doctor. I have been offered the Morphine pump which apparently they attatch to your spine by way of 'minor' surgery (I say 'minor' because I feel NO surgery is minor)
I refused this and on a 2nd opinion of my Neuro Doc (because of OTHER problems I have) we thought it best to go with another method.
I think they do Celebrex here in the UK, so if it does have the same effect as Vioxx, I will be a happy girl and forever your friend :)
Thanks so much again for all your GREAT advice and please know that I will take it and use it best I can
Many Thanks and Take care

p.s :wave: Hello to Long Island for me...I'll see it again in 6 months