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txmom, as to your questions...the time I had my tunnelled epidural...it was not a trial for the pump. My trial for the pump was a one-shot deal. I just went into the hospital, got an injection around my spine and waited there for hours, but that was it. I have heard of others having longer trials...maybe something similar to this tunnelled thing, but I'm not sure.

I think the only reason they tunnel it is because the plan is to leave it in there for a month or longer and they don't want the tubing hanging out. That's all I can think of anyway. Yes, there is a chance of infection, but I was on oral antibiotics the entire time the epidural was in.

The effects are longer than an injection because the epidural is connected to a pump (outside your body) that continuously pumps meds into the epidural space so there's no wearing off.

I've also done very well with bupivacaine. I have it in my pump and think that helps me more than the morphine.

Sharon :)