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Hey everyone,

I just got out of the hospital after making 2 ER visits with in 4 days. This last time they admitted me for my kidney stone pain. They said that at first the fragments were right at the edge in the Ureter and we wanted them to fall in the bladder so the intense pain would go away, well, after doping me up on so many meds for the pain (Morphine didn't work, anoth kind didn't work)finally the Demoral kicked in. Anyway, they did a CBC and said that my wbc was 15 a little high they said. Would that be from all the pain that I was going through? Now I have a stint in and it is driving me crazy! It's uncomfortable and I also have a little blood in the urine. The Dr. did go in a remove the 4-5 stones that had dropped down to the bladder, I guess while I was on this pain medication but now I am worried about the white cell count. Can someone help me here?