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I have a sharp pain on my right side under my rib cage, just below my breast. It started about a week ago, when I woke up. I didn't do anything, except sleep, no agrivations or injuries to it at all. I went to the doctor that day after work. They took a couple x-rays, and said that there was nothing found there, no broken bones no fluid in my lungs or anything. He said I must have bruised my ribs somehow. So I took the next day off and went back to work the day after. Well, that evening at about 10:30 the pain was so bad I couldn't harly breathe, so I went back to the ER. Well I got the same doctor, who was convinced I bruised my ribs, but he hooked me up to an IV gave me morphine, and took a bunch of blood and did a bunch of tests for liver, lungs, gallbladder (I had that removed already 3 years ago) and a few other things. He sent me home again. I toughed it out for a few days, and a few days ago I forced myself to take a really deep breath and something popped. It kept popping (alot lighter pop than the first) for about an hour and then the pain went away, after a week. Well then, yesterday it all repeated. The pain came back, when I woke up. No injury or anything. It is a constant pain that gets worse and sharper the deeper I breathe in. What could it be, does anyone have any idea?